Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RUN! You Won't Regret It!!

Feel the burn!!! And oh believe me I do! I thought I Ran hard yesterday? Well today I kicked it up a notch, and not even intentionally which is cool. I would sprint for 2 minutes, then jog for 2 minutes. I did a total of 28 minutes, then a 2 minute cool down. I again shaved 1:30 off of my mile, and the grand total of mileage today is 2.30 miles. Woo!

I've also started to take "N- acetylcysteine" aka "Fizzy NAC." I learned that alot of my fellow Cysters and Fibros were taking it. So I did my research and gave it a whirl. Can I just say that I LOVE IT!!!! I honestly feel a positive difference and think it's amazing. I do remember doing Mucomyst as a kid sometimes, which is basically what NAC is. I'm just not sure why it's never been brought up before by the docs to use as an adult?

I keep forgetting to take my FEV1 monitor to the gym with me to track my PFT's. At any rate, when I did the monitor on Saturday in the midst of a non exercising 2 weeks, I had great numbers. So I'll have to remember to take it with me so I can track the NAC and exercising benefits :)

RUN!! You won't regret it!


Rachel said...


I just happened to run across your blog, and saw the CF links. I think it's awesome you're running everyday. I know the toll that CF can take on you, and I think it's amazing!!

Friendly Blogger,

Misha said...

That's awesome! Show cf who's boss!!

.... and I've been reading about other cfers taking that as well. Where do you get it anyway? I'd love to try it.

Rachel said...

Sorry, I think I wrote that a little confusing...

I think it's amazing what YOU'RE doing and the running.

I personally don't have CF. I met the most amazing man in 2003 who had CF, and he ended up getting the nations first double lung/pancreas transplant a little over two years ago. We lost him in 2008 to an infection he had gotten. You may have heard about him on the news or read about him online. You can Google his name if you'd like. Jose Garcia aka Joey Garcia.

I think it's amazing you're so active.

Cate ;-) said...

I take acetylcystein too on really high doses... the best thing to do with it is: have acetylcystein, after u finish it you wait 15-20 min, then u do HTS and then CPT! that's amazing and a lot of mucus come out! So nice to hear you're doing well =D

Tara said...

I'm so glad exercise and fizzy NAC are working so well for you! They might as well help someone. hahahaha. I took fizzy NAC for a year (which was expensive as you know) and didn't see a result or feel a difference. I also exercised and continue to run for a year and no FEV1 increase. I guess my lungs are crusty and old. hahahaha but I'm glad you're healthy enough to get results while you still can! You rock!

Cystic Gal said...

Hi! I want to invite you to read my UnBlog. What is your email?

Rachel said...


Jess said...

Wow! Thanks everyone, and welcome to my new readers :) My email is:

Here's some links for the NAC: