Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ran 4.5 miles in 3 days!

I'm happy to report that I finished the running portion of my new plan this week. I'm feeling pretty good after running 4.5 miles too. My lungs are happy, which in turn makes me ecstatic. I was supposed to take a break today too, and do some weight lifting but I decided against it. I had my first board meeting tonight since getting this Nursing promotion and I was wayyyyy nervous. I think the run definitely helped me out a lot and let me rid some of my stress prior to tonight.

I've also noticed that in the 2 days off of Tobi, after I run there's a lot more air moving around in there, and a lot of productivity. Awesome. Here's to a big day that has come to an end, and a run that helped in more ways than one :)


Laura said...

Awesome job Jess!! I'm glad your lungs are feeling better since you've been off Tobi. Thats so weird to say that, it seems like Tobi would make them feel better. In any case, I'm glad things are better and your running in outstanding!!

I had weight in this morning and I felt like crying I'm so frustrated!! I've been cutting back on portions and exercising like crazy. I've lost nothing in like 2 1/2 weeks!! =( I'm so bummed and my shins kill! On a happier note, my lungs seem to be happy so thats all that counts, right! ;)

Jess said...

Thank you Laura!!! I'm so proud of you for your running and keeping your lung-ies happy :) Don't get discouraged either, sometimes it takes a litlte bit before things start happening! You're doing great! xo