Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Code Blue

Today was back to work after a lovely long weekend. This week sure did start with a bang too...Unfortunately one of our patients coded today and went into respiratory arrest. Not sure why, but all I know is to be involved in a code is terrible. I mean you feel good as a nurse that you are doing everything you can to save this person, but at the same time you just feel helpless when nothing is working. I've been in my share of codes too, having worked critical care and now outpatient surgery. It was a long one too, she was intubated, CPR initiated, the works. . After pushing cardiac meds on her, we were able to get a pulse, but we were bagging or ventilating her manually. She was transferred to our local hospital and I pray she's ok. Unfortunately being a surgery center we do witness this, but it's never ever easy. It just sets the tone for the whole day, and leaves you with this weird, sick in the stomach feeling like you've been punched. I can't get it off my mind and sure hope she's doing ok tonight...

Luckily I have plans tonight to go out with my good friend Julie. I'm going up to her place in Ellicott City (which I just love it up there) to visit her and her girls, and we're going out for some yummy mexican food and drinks tonight. It sure is perfect timing for the day we just had today.