Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

It's so nice to be off for this long Labor Day weekend. I'm absolutely loving not having to work today. It's pretty rare in the nursing field to be able to have off on weekends and holidays, just one of the perks of my job. (I think I'll keep it ;)

We've had a nice weekend, slow and relaxing, but nice. Saturday we went to the Annapolis Yacht Club's annual sailing week party. Our close friend Dave sails so he invited us. It was gorgeous where the party was, right near the Annapolis docks. Especially when the sun went down, all the lights on the water and all the boats just lit up it was awesome. Afterwards we went to a bar also in Annapolis called Heroe's. We all just wanted some good "bar food" and boy did we find it! This place was great, the best greasy bar food (cheese fries, mozzarella sticks, crab dip etc) and they had a wall (seriously) of draft beers. Not like 5 draft beers, but an entire wall!! I swear I'm not an alcoholic but just to see that many draft beers was just plain neat. :D

While enjoying our Saturday coffee on the back deck together I was flipping through the sale ads for this week and found a major sale at Sears for an eliptictal. When we went to Hawaii in November last year the gym on our cruise ship had them and we were addicted. (Well Scott more than me he was at the gym everyday, me I was more of his cheerleader on the sidelines ;)
But I've really been wanting to get back into a routine even if it's just 3 days a week, and heck it can only be good for you so why not. So I found at Sears that they were 50% off!! And they only had 6 in stock so it was first come first serve. So like a nerd I went and waited for the doors to open yesterday, but I got it YAY!!! Scott put it together last night as a surprise for this morning, it's awesome! Infact he's already worked out on it. We also picked up a nice piece for our entertainment center at Target last night, and it looks great.

Well today we're off to my niece's 14th birthday party. I really can't believe she's 14, when Scott and I first met she was only 4. I admit, a small part of me feels a little bit old today. Oh well, it's a beautiful day outside and it feels like fall! Hooray for September!!