Monday, March 8, 2010

Severe Case of the "Blahs"

I'm a big blah head these last few days. TONS going on with my family right now which has had me a little more than upset, shocked, stressed, worried, fearful, and everything in between. Hence this hasn't made me feel too "bloggy" unfortunately. I'd much rather post about other positive stuff, instead of this stuff right now believe me.

However this is life, and it's not always the way you want it to be. So I'm trying to "wash my hands" of this bad stuff going on and keep my head up high. I have lots to be thankful for and I need to focus on that.

I went to a Card Reader for the first time in my life on Friday night. A coworker of mine was having it, and as leary and afraid as I was, it was pretty cool. Of course with this stuff you can kind of twist it and make whatever they say a reality. However 2 of things this woman said to me were dead on 100%. Wow.

So it's time to refocus things, get my perspective back, and move on. I've been doing great at the GYM, my FEV1 is oustanding for me, and I feel Healthy. These things should make me smile. The rest....well I need to realize some things are just out of my hands, and that's ok.


Cystic Gal said...

Let your blah day come and go. Tomorrow, it will be unblah.

Unblah Unblah
Rah rah rah.

Did that help?
Prolly not.
But good luck anyway, my dear! We're rooting for ya

Colleen said...

I have a case of the blahs too. I feel like I have been eating too much and too busy for the gym. Then I sit around and feel blah for not taking better care of myself. Its motivation in a way to get back on track!

CowTown said...

No words of wisdom from me, but I do hope you're feeling less blah now. I hate feeling blah and overwhelmed with negative vibes or thoughts.

Hugs to you.